[Amino Tree] Amino Pocket Collagen Jelly 20g x 30EA 300DA1,400mg ultra-low-molecular fish collagen

Amino Tree
Amino Pocket Collagen Jelly 20g x 30EA

* 300DA ultra-low molecular fish collagen with good absorption
*Contains 1,400mg of ultra-low-molecular fish collagen (per 1 capsule)
*Contains silk peptide (18 kinds of silk amino acids), multi-care
* Delicious berry taste with no fishy taste
* Stick 4 Jelly with a good texture
*1 packet per day, lightly consumed as a delicious snack.

[Recommended for these people.]
-People who are usually interested in foods that are good for collagen
-Those who are looking for ultra-low molecular weight collagen with good absorption
-Those who want to quickly rejuvenate
-Those who want to manage it easily

Intake Method: Chew once a day and one packet once a day.