Allo Korea Handy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner AVC1 E12 HEPA filter Separately washable 2500mAh USB C TYPE

Allo Korea Handy Cordless Cleaner AVC1

Power Compact Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

-Compact size with 55mm diameter and the lowest weight of 395g in its class
It is a practical product that can be stored without a cradle as it can be stored anywhere, such as a car, a studio, a desk, etc. with its small size regardless of space.
-4500Pa High suction power /51,000RPM Strong rotation speed can be cleaned quickly and cleanly.
-Separately washable HEPA filter
* Stainless steel pre-filter: High durability and effective initial dust separation are possible through stainless steel material.
*E12 grade HEPA filter: Filters 99.95% of fine dust to discharge clean air.
E12 class washable HEPA filter keeps the exhaust air clean when cleaning.
It is possible to wash with water by separating everything from the dust bin to the filter.
-2500mAh high-performance battery, continuous use for up to 25 minutes, USB C TYPE charging
Charging time is about 2.5 hours.(Based on 5v 2A adapter)
-High-performance motor with high efficiency
-Delicate 2in1 brush
-One-touch simple emptying system
-5-fold safety circuit installed
Motor overcurrent protection, motor overtemperature protection, overcharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection

Battery capacity:DC7.4v,2500mAh
Dust container capacity:70ml