All-day Plumb Stick 20g x 15EA x 2/4EA Squeezed red plum 3-year aged fermented liquid

All-day Plumb Stick type 20g x 15 packs
Squeezed red plum fermented liquid, 3-year aged plum liquid

The raw materials harvested on the principle of direct cultivation are cleaned and fermented for at least 3 years in traditional clay pots,
and they are made by adhering to the natural method of aging the climate, air, and sunlight as the traditional method.

[Recommended for these people.]

-Those who usually feel heavy on their belly
-Those who are afraid to go to the bathroom
-Those who need a refreshment after a meal
-Those who can't eat green plum

Red plum?
Red plum, which has a stronger sweetness due to its flavor better than green plum,
is rich in various organic acids and vitamins, including citric acid.
You can feel the unique taste and aroma of plums that
have become thicker because they are sufficiently ripened in the wood.
*65% ripe Korean red plums rich in nutrients
*Various ways to consume cold or hot
*Easily packaged individually, easily ingested anytime, anywhere.

[When should I eat it?]
-If you want to start the morning pleasantly, 1 packet of All Day Plumbee.
-1 packet of All-day Plumbee if you need to feel good after eating.
-1 packet of all-day plum bee when you eat lunch and get sweet stuff.
* It is the most delicious when consumed after meals, and it becomes more delicious when consumed consistently.