AHC Time Rewind Real Eye Cream For Face 30ml x 4EA


AHC Time Rewind Real Eye Cream For Face 30ml

An eye cream applied to the entire face that contains human-like collagen
and human-like elastin and simultaneously cares for density and elasticity.
Stronger absorption through the ultra-fine micro method that is divided into 1/400 size of pores
A gentle cream-type formulation that simultaneously feels concentrated nutrition and rich moisture.

[How to use]

After arranging the skin texture with toner
(pump it 2-3 times on the ring finger to remove the contents / apply 0.5cm in diameter to the ring finger at a time),
tap it lightly around the eyes for absorption.

Special nutrition care
At the last stage of skin care, apply evenly to the forehead and cheeks
(pump it 5 times to remove the contents, or take 3cm lines out) and let it absorb.
For rough skin with severe dryness, apply it once more and rub gently for absorption.

Soothing care
After soothing treatment to soothe sensitive skin, apply a thin layer of this product.
In particular, it helps to make the skin healthy and smooth when you spread the product thickly before going to bed and go to bed.

Blending Synergy Care
It is more efficient if you use 1~2 drops of ampoule together.