AHC Essence Care Powder Wash Emerald 40g Keratin Care / Foam Cleansing

Essence Care Powder Wash Emerald 40g

Air ball powder lightly and gently exfoliates and cleanses at the same time!
* An esthetic powder wash that removes dead skin cells and impurities with a fine powder containing LHA, a dead skin care ingredient.
*1,200 Tiare flowers are aged in coconut oil for 12 hours and filtered for 24 hours.
AHC's unique flower oil is used to care for the skin that does not dry out even during dry cleansing, making it moist without tension.
* Skin care formula for comfortable skin.
* It cleanses the skin neatly with the cleansing effect of fine dust mimics, and it can be safely used on sensitive and sensitive skin only by cleansing as a skin irritation test.
*Texture: A fine powder type that creates a creamy foam and adheres closely to the skin for meticulous cleansing.

[How to use]
At the last step of cleansing, take a small coin-sized amount of powder on the palm of your hand and lather with lukewarm water,
then apply the foam over your face to gently cleanse.