[Aestura]Ato Barrier 365 Cream 80ml Strengthens the barrier function of dry skin in daily life

[Aestura]Ato Barrier 365 Cream 80ml

It strengthens the barrier function of dry skin in daily life,
and provides strong moisturization to dry skin every day through intensive daily high moisturization.
* Dermaon, a skin lipid-like structure,
is quickly absorbed by dry skin to protect the skin and keep it moist for a long time.
* A product with a soft application feeling that is non-sticky and moist!
The soft capsule melts at body temperature and gently soaks in.
* Cream type formulation that gently applies to the skin
and shows the Derma-on moisturizing capsule
*No additives free
Animal ingredients/mineral oil/imidazolidinyl urea/hybrid dye/triethanolamine/artificial fragrance free

[How to use]
This product is used both on the face and on the body
and should be used within 3 minutes after washing or bathing.
Apply gently on the dry areas.
Massage it as if wrapping the skin with the palm of the hand and let it absorb into the skin.