[AEDAMHYANG]Pesticide-free Decaffeinated Fermented Mugwort Tea 30g x 1/2/3EA

Aedamhyang mugwort tea bags 30g

Direct cultivation Pesticide-free decaffeinated fermented mugwort tea ,
Ganghwa mugwort tea specialty Lion haired mugwort 

From around May 10, when the most medicinal properties are contained,
the upper leaves (top 3-5 nodes) are collected, washed, and then roasted in a pre-heated cast iron pot.
Addition to reduce bitterness and give a savory taste.
This high-quality triangular tea bag has no smell and no caffeine

[How to drink]

When eaten warmly:
Put 1 tea bag in 1 cup of 80℃ warm water and gently simmer for 2 minutes.
When eating cool:
Put the tea bag in cold water and slowly leach out, or simmer the tea bag in 20 ml of warm water at 80℃,
then add cold water and ice together.