Acness Sebum Balancing Skin 2.0 200ml

Sebum Balancing Skin 2.0 200ml

It is recommended for those who want oily skin, sebum control,
and smooth skin as the three super ingredients provide omnidirectional care
for irritated and concerned skin.
-Strengthen skin barrier
Zinc Alpha Complex Ceramide
-Cooling moisture
hyaluronic acid, panthenol
-3 second speed calming
Tea tree, Eoseongcho, Centella asiatica
-Skin hypoallergenic test completed

[How to use]
Shake the product well so that the sebum-absorbing pink powder
and water ingredients are well mixed,
then apply an appropriate amount to a cotton pad and wipe the skin lightly.
After use, lightly pat the skin for absorption.
The powder may remain, so rub it evenly.