Abib Heartleaf sopt pad Calming Touch 75 sheets 120ml

Heartleaf sopt pad Calming Touch 120ml (75 sheets)

A habit of soothing the skin,
spot care Eoseongcho pad

* Filled with Jirisan Heartleaf extract (40,000ppm),
it helps soothing care and makes your skin clean and healthy.
*Use 100% pure cotton / organic double pad according to skin concerns.
Gauze cotton: When you need to trim the skin texture, gently wipe off rough skin with gauze cotton.
Soft side: When you need intensive care, put a soft side on your skin to soothe.
* A refreshing formulation soothes dry and sensitive skin.
*Skin hypoallergenic test completed. Care for tired skin to be gentle and moist.

[How to use]

Open the lid, take out 1 pad with the built-in tongs,
and gently wipe the entire face except the eye area along the skin texture to calm the skin.
After use, close the lid and seal it so that the pad does not dry out.
Place it like a mask pack on areas that need urgent sedation.