[A-solution] Acne Clear Toner 150ml

Acne Clear Toner 150ml

* Non-comedogenic, sebum toner that can be used for acne-prone and sensitive skin
*Encapsulated Salicinic Acid (BHA) , Excess dead skin cells & sebum removal
* Aekyung's proprietary patented ingredient - Evening primrose seed extract & seaweed
*Special prescription
-Acne Solution Complex
6 main ingredients: Cucumber root extract, broiler bark extract,
lemon myrtle leaf extract, Alteromonas fermented extract, ginger extract, evening primrose seed extract
-Core solution complex
Burdock root extract (helps skin balance) + Centella cica (helps to improve skin damage)
-Applied natural polymer
A-solution NPST Complex Tech that maximizes the effect by stably permeating the effective ingredients into the skin
* 20 kinds of worrying ingredients 0%, slightly acidic toner
* Provides strong moisture to dry skin with non-sticky freshness and moisture

[Recommended for such people.]
-Those who need daily hypoallergenic sebum management and dead skin care
- Those who are worried about exfoliating dead skin cells during makeup
- Those with sensitive skin who need soothing
- Those who are concerned about residual waste after washing face
- Those who want to use it before makeup with a refreshing feeling
- Those who are worried about recurring skin problems

[How to use]
After washing your face,
take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and gently wipe over the entire face along the skin texture.