[Korea Eundan] Pure RTG Omega 3 Vegetable Capsule 801mg x 60Capsule (For 2/4/6 Month) Upgraded


Korea Eundan Pure rTG Omega 3
1Box For 2moths (801mg x 60 Capsule)


Omega 3 content upgraded from 500mg to 600mg.
EPA/DHA content is upgraded from EPA 300mg, DHA 200mg to EPA 360mg, DHA 240mg.
Upgraded from 70% omega 3 purity to 75%.

* Enchobi 100% safe from heavy metals
Raw materials extracted from Enchobi grown in the clean South Pacific
* High purity omega 3 with double patent technology
The omega-3 content increases purity (75%) as it is and reduces the capsule size for comfortable neck skipping.
RTG Omega 3 safe from oxidation and rancidity
* Relief vegetable capsule
It is easy to digest and absorb in the body,
and it is safe to change in the external environment such as temperature and humidity,
so it can be consumed with confidence.
* PTP individual packaging
Prevents omega 3 from deteriorating by preventing exposure to external environments such as air and moisture,
and is easy to store and easy to carry.
* Contains vitamin E (subsidiary material)
Prevents omega 3 from rancidity.

[It is good for these people.]

-Those who have high triglyceride levels and need to improve blood circulation
-Instant, meat-oriented eating habits
-People who are worried about poor blood circulation
-Workers who eat and eat fatty food frequently
-People who have insufficient intake of blue fish, seaweed, etc.
-Modern people suffering from irregular meals and excessive work