[1am] 4 kinds of konjac noodles to eat right away/Spicy bibim/gaso udon/mulnaengmyeon/buckwheat soba 280g×4EA

4 kinds of konjac noodles to eat right away

-No rinse! 1 second konjac noodles to open and eat right away
-No filling! Konjac noodles without smell
-No overpacking! Cost-effective konjac noodles without packaging bubbles
-No burden! 4 kinds of average 75kcal, light konjac noodles
* Sauce and seasoning are put at once to eliminate the cooking process.
It is a simple 1-second finished konjac noodles that can be eaten right away without any additional preparation process.
* In the form of a standing pouch, you just need to open and eat it anytime, anywhere.
Reduced the hassle of washing dishes.
* Zero fat! You can enjoy it casually.
Fat, trans fat, saturated fat all 0g.

-Katsuo Udon 280g
It had two charms: katsuo udon with gasobushi-based soup, warm udon, and cool cold udon.

-Mulnaengmyeon 280g
Mul-naengmyeon with a rich taste and aroma of beef, and adding a little vinegar or mustard will give it a fresh taste of the broth.

Buckwheat soba 280g 
Buckwheat soba is made with katsuo broth to add flavor and flavor.
If you add a little wasabi and radish sprouts, you won't be envious of the specialty soba.

- spicy bibim noodles 200g
Even if you look at the red bibim sauce, the bibimmyeon makes you drool!
The sauce flavored with ingredients such as apples and onions is very attractive.

[Super simple 1 second recipe]

Prepare ready-to-eat konjac noodles and open the pouch to make it easier to eat.
You can eat it right away.
If you want to eat it warm, take it after 1/3 opening and cook it in the microwave for 1 minute (based on 700w).
You can enjoy it all in cold and hot.
Room temperature storage is possible.