100% Naturally, LiLipet Freeze Dried Snack Salmon/Tuna Treats 120g For dogs and cats


100% Naturally,
LiLipet Freeze Dried Snack

[How to feed]
-Feed as it is: Eat while feeling the taste and scent with drag (for training, snack, nose walk)
-Feed with topping on the feed
Topping on top of shredded shary to eat more deliciously (when you don't eat well, when you need additional nutrients)
-Give with water or milk.
Soak in lukewarm water for 30 seconds and gently
Roll it in milk and eat more savory
(For meal replacement, patient meal, young dog, old dog)

Recommended daily feeding amount
puppy :
Less than 5kg - 8 pieces, 5~10kg -15 pieces, 10~25kg - 22 pieces, 25kg or more - 30 pieces.
cat :
less than 5kg - 8 pieces ,  more than 5kg -15 pieces.

Salmon Treats 120g
Rich in omega 3 helps improve hair/hair quality
Rich in DHA to help brain activity
No genetically modified substances, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no hormones,
no preservatives, no synthetic coloring, no chemical preservatives, no flavor enhancers, no artificial additives
-100% reliable made in Korea
-No crushed meat was used.

LiLi Pet Tuna Treat 120g

100% protein-rich yellowfin tuna
Rich in nucleic acids to help anti-aging, rich in iron/vitamin B

LiLipet Freeze-Dried Pollock Treat 120g

Pollack treats made from fresh pollock by freezing right on board
Helps to recover energy and improve immunity

82% or more of crude protein
Less than 3% crude fat
Less than 14% crude ash/Rohasche
Less than 2% moisture