1+1 Nutrimade Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D Bone Nutritional Supplement 1000mg x 120 Tablets

Nutrimade Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D 

1000mg x 120 Tablets

*Contains 630mg of non-fired seaweed calcium derived from seaweed
*Contains 157.5mg of magnesium derived from rice
*Contains 5ug of vitamin D derived from dry yeast
* No synthetic excipients, no synthetic additives
*20 kinds of organic fruits/vegetables (sub-ingredient)
*12 types of lactobacillus (sub-material)
*7 kinds of berries (sub-ingredient)
*19 plant extracts (sub-material)

[Recommended for these people]
-Children and adolescents in the growing period where strong skeleton formation is important
-Pregnant and nursing women with increased calcium requirements
-Those who want to take calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D
-Those who enjoy exercise or use a lot of energy
-Those who want to supplement the body's nutrition through irregular eating habits
-Those who are looking for health functional foods for the whole family

[How to take]
Take 2 times a day, 2 tablets at a time with water.