[1+1] Mak-CARA Long Lash Curling Mascara 7.5g x 2EA Resistant To Water + Sweat + Oil + Smear

Mascara with strong water + sweat + oil + smear

 Mak-cara Long Lash Curling Mascara 7.5g

-If you were worried about the smearing eyes
-If you were worried about drooping curling
-If you were concerned about short lashes

* Makkara neatly without clumping
Even if you reapply several times, apply it to the end of your lashes.
Easy to use even for beginners thanks to the gentle brush like a banana.
*Light but richly Makkara
*Clearly atmosphere Makkara

*Two colors

01 Deep Black-With a dark black color, it creates clear eyes
02 Choco Brown-A soft brown color that creates delicate eyes

Tips to keep long lash curling
-C curl foundation work with a curler!
-Raise the mascara from the root of the eyelashes and squeeze in the zigzag direction!
-Apply with a brush as if sweeping downward from the inside of the lashes

Gently cleansing tips
Eye Remover / Mascara Remover / Lip & Eye Remover
(Unable to cleanse with lukewarm water due to the nature of a strong fixed fixer)
* A meticulous cleansing with a remover exclusively for the eye is required due to the fixing effect that contains a water proof fixer ingredient!!