[1+1] Fraijour Natural Wormwood Calming Watery Cream / Soothing Moisture Cream 100ml

Fraijour Natural Wormwood
Calming Watery Cream 100ml

Large Moisture Bomb Cream
-Contains 12,000ppm of natural wormwood leaf extract
Moisture supply / Skin soothing / Zero stickiness /
-Aloe + Squalane + 17 natural extracts (6 seed complexes / 11 herbal complexes)

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those with rough and dry skin
-Those who have oily skin on the outside but pull on the inside
-Those who need a daily moisture product that is not burdensome
-Those who want to fill moisture rather than oil
-Those whose skin is easily sensitive
-Those who want to take care of hydration and soothing at once

How to use
Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply gently along the skin texture.