[0100]Mold removal gel 120ml x 2EA Wash with water only after 2 hours without rubbing

Mold removal gel, 120ml

Wash with water only after 2 hours without rubbing.
The principle of removing mold is that the oxidizing power of sodium hypochlorite in the blank mold gel acts as sterilization and bleaching to remove mold.

*Because it is a gel-like property, it effectively removes it by adsorbing it to the area that needs mold removal.
* Reducing the poisonous odor of chlorine and minimally absorbed into the respiratory system.
*Unlike other companies' products, where the gel type changes to liquid when left at a temperature below zero, it becomes unusable. When it returns to room temperature, the blank rubber removal gel changes to a gel type and can be used permanently.

* No paraben, no color, no alcohol, no synthetic fragrance, no synthetic surfactant, no glycerin

[How to use]
Remove moisture with a tissue or dry towel on the place to be used.
Apply the gel to the moldy area.
After at least 2 hours, rinse with water or wipe off with a wet tissue.
* It is easy to apply it before going to bed and wash it off after getting up!