[Q-Nature] Multi Purpose White Power Cleaner / Korea Hit!



[Features of Product]

  • NEW CONCEPT OF REMOVER developed with Nanotechnology(micro-miniaturization) and Biotechnology(aging technology EM)
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION that works excellent to remove stubborn stain, mold, oil dirt on toilet, washstand, tiles, ventilation, sinks, gas stove etc. 
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS derived from vegetable and plant, so does not contain any toxic chemicals. It is safe to human!
  • MANUFACTURED by a trustworthy company in Korea with Green Technology, Green Product and ISO9001 Certification
  • EASY WAY OF SPRAY TYPE CLEANER that is not only with excellent washing power, but also sterilization / deodorization effect as well.

[How to Use]

  1. Spray the cleaner on the object wish to clean.

  2. Wait about 3 minutes until the detergent permeates into the dirt and melts it down.

  3. Scrub smoothly with scrubbing brush and wash it off with running water.

※ If you use this product along with Stain Remover Cream, you can see the bigger effect.


Product Name: Multi Purpose White Power Cleaner

Origin: South Korea

Brand: Q-Nature

Type: Spray injection 

Ingredient: All natural ingredient derived from vegetable and plant