[Me.Factory] 3-Step Pig Nose-Pack (5sets)


  • PIG NOSE-PACK IS No.1 BRAND IN KOREAN MARKET for effectively removing sebum and blackhead on nose. Three step procedure will make your nose clean and beautiful step-by-step.
  • UNLIKE OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCT, this product not only remove sebum and blackhead in pores, but also close the empty pores.
  • PIG COLLAGEN CONTAINED IN THE PRODUCT helps to keep face line elastic and smooth. Also, it provide enough moisture to dry skin to turn into elastic skin.
  • KOREA'S BEST PRODUCT WITH GREAT FEEDBACK that has been sold more than 100,000EA since launched.
  • WANT TO HAVE CLEAN AND PRETTY NOSE? Then, try this. This product will lead you to have more confidence in your facial appearance.


Product Name: Pig Nose-Pack (5pack)

Origin: South Korea

Brand: Me.Factory

Weight: 50g