[Terahealth] Premium Face Massage Roller

  • THEAHEALTH FACE MASSAGE ROLLER IS MADE OF 99.9999999%(9N) Poly-terahertz with hand made skills. Poly-terahertz is artificial ore developed in Japan. This ore helps to improve blood circulation, to generate Alpha-wave, and to increase body temperature by 0.4℃. These are all human friendly effects.
  • High GRADE POLY-TERAHERTZ HAS BEEN APPROVED BY US FDA for its effects and also approved by other domestic and international test organization.
  • FACE ROLLER IS ABLE TO BE USED FROM FACE TO BODY for its smooth message. The Rolling head part that rotates smoothly can be used on the surface of the skin without additional lubricant. 
  • WE RECOMMEND NOT TO USE ROLLER FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES on the same body part. Also, Please clean your skin before use. Unlike to Kassa, face roller can be used without cream or oil.
  • ROLLER CAN BE USED FOR WARM & COLD MASSAGE. Warm massage helps to open pores, soften your skin gently, and promote blood circulation. Cold massage helps to shrink pore, tightens the skin, and reduces the swelling. For details, please see the instruction. 


Product Name: Terahealth Energy Face Roller

Origin: Japan

Ingredient: 9N(99.9999999%) Poly-Terahertz Ore

Feature: Hand Craft Product / Handle with care

Colors: Metal 

Weight: 70g (1Set)

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