[Terahealth] Functional Sleep Eye Mask with Ergonomic 3D Contoured Design

  • FDA APPROVED FUNCTIONAL POLY-TERAHEARTZ MATERIAL is inserted in the form of flat-patches and coatings to serve the body with various effects.
  • NO CHEMICALS ARE USED - In forming the body, polyurethane and interlock fabrics can be worn without any chmical bondage. Thermoformign after flame bonding gives you safe wearing without any skin trouble.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT, EXCELLENT VENTILATION, and FABRIC provide you with comfortable fit during sleep.
  • MANY PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM INSOMNIA or HAVING SENSITIVE SLEEPING HABIT have significantly improved their sleep quality and time with this Terahealth sleep mask.
  • IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BE IN GOOD CONDITION NEXT DAY, try this sleep mask. it helps you!


Product Name: Terahealth 3D Sleep Eye Mask

Origin: South Korea

Ingredient: Patented High Grade Fabric, Poly-Terahertz Patch, Velcro, etc.

Colors: Black

Size: Size Adjustable(Free)

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