[Apricot Beauty] Healthcare Apricot Earlobe Tape


[Features of Product]

  • Easy to apply
  • Invisible and waterproof
  • Eliminates stretched earlobes instantly
  • Also protect healthy earlobes from damage
  • 60 Earlobe Tapes included

Regularly wearing large and heavy earrings can cause stretched ear lobes. Often, the pierced holes become stretched and elongated. Women are uncomfortable about this unsightly change and small stud earrings no longer sit correctly on the earlobe. APRICOT SKIN Earlobe Tapes provide relief to women who are concerned about by unattractively enlarged piercing holes. APRICOT SKIN Earlobe Tapes are worn, invisibly, on the back of your earlobe and bear most of the weight of the earring, relieving pressure on the earlobe. They also protect healthy earlobes from being torn by the weight of earrings. The APRICOT SKIN Earlobe Tapes also prevents earrings from slipping! The invisible tapes are adhesive and anti-allergenic. Our products are cruelty free and vegan!


        Product Name: Healthcare Apricot Skin facial patches (Earlobe Tape)

        Origin: Germany

        Brand: Apricot Beauty

        Ingredient: Skin-friendly fabric with air permeable, waterproof and transparent color