Explanation of Clrarr International Shipping

One of the main issues on e-commerce market is how to measure proper shipping cost to potential customers to minimize cost burden. Unlike domestic shipping, international shipping cost is mostly based on shipping distance and product weight ordered.

The longer the distance and the heavier the ordered products, the more expensive the shipping cost in general. Solving the logic of this relation based on precise cost calculation is not simple like biting apple!

Our primary mission to customer is to maximize their satisfaction. We have tried various options in given circumstance and the below are what we made.

1. We have signed MOU with Korea Post Office and ship via K-Package, which is most reliable and cheapest service.

2. Over $100 purchase, we provide 'Free Shipping' to international customers by dissolving some part of shipping cost into our margin.

3. All shipping can be tracked at https://clarrshiptrack.aftership.com by entering shipping number.

If you have any other question about our shipping plan, please send us email to info@manus.co.kr. We are happy to talk with you!


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